Globo Launches New Telenovelas & Seasons of Original Series


Globo has launched two new telenovelas, including In Your Place, and new seasons of hit original series for the international market.

Created and written by Lícia Manzo (The Life We Lead), In Your Place tells the story of twins Christian and Renato, who were separated as babies and raised in completely different families, unaware of each other’s existence. When they finally meet as adults, tragedy strikes and Renato dies, and Christian sees an opportunity to take his brother’s place and become a new person.

The telenovela is directed by Maurício Farias and stars Cauã Reymond (Avenida Brasil) as both twins.

Manzo said, “I watched a documentary about young people who, upon coming of age, must leave the juvenile shelter where they were raised. I remember being moved by the testimonies of these young people: some of them dreamed of becoming lawyers, doctors, engineers and so on. At 18, they were alone in the world, left to their own devices. Even so, they dreamed of becoming somebody, of making a difference, of having a place in the sun. From there, I believe, the central plot of the telenovela was formed for me: two identical twin brothers, separated at birth. One of them, Christian, sent to a shelter. The other, Renato, was adopted by a wealthy couple. By bringing them to the center of the plot, or more than that, by merging them into one (to the extent that the first will take on the life and identity of the second), issues such as integrity, ethics and social inequality are raised in the telenovela, not from a statistical or factual point of view, but from an intimate, subjective and human one.”

Also recently launched by Globo, A Life to Die For follows an ambitious businesswoman, a soccer player, a snobbish doctor and a rebellious pole dancer whose lives interconnect after a plane crash. When they reach the sky, they are given a second chance by Death to change the course of their lives.

Created and written by Mauro Wilson (Sweet Mother, The Invisible Woman), the telenovela is directed by Allan Fiterman (Hidden Truths) and stars Giovanna Antonelli (The Clone), Vladimir Brichta (A Second Chance), Matheus Solano (Trail of Lies) and Valentina Herszage (The Big Catch).

“The telenovela is a romantic comedy,” said Wilson. “All the characters are in search of love. The plot is about not being sure of anything, but in the blink of an eye, everything can change. These four are the main characters, but the other characters in the telenovela are also trying to find each other and trying to settle their fate.”

New seasons of Aruanas and Under Pressure have also launched for the international market. The second season of the eco-thriller Aruanas sees the NGO run by Natalie and Luiza fight to prevent the publication of a provisional measure that would exempt the largest oil companies in Brazil from taxes.  In the fourth season of Under Pressure, doctors Evandro and Carolina join the team of the largest public hospital in Rio de Janeiro after facing the intense fight against Covid-19.

“The international market pays a lot of attention to Brazilian productions for their quality, for their ability to boost and diversify strategies for different windows, in addition to strengthening engagement and interacting with different targets,” said Angela Colla, head of international sales at Globo. “Therefore, we have great perspectives with these releases, because they are contents that further reinforce our commitment to generate value for our partners and clients.”