HARI Bolsters Global YouTube Strategy


HARI is launching two dedicated YouTube channels for Mystery Lane, in French and English, and a new dedicated geo-blocked U.S.-only YouTube channel for Grizzy & the Lemmings.

The launches follow HARI’s appointment of digital distributor Soupir to bolster its global digital content strategy. Soupir will handle the YouTube broadcast and programming sides and has developed proprietary software to generate a deeper understanding of how the content performs in various markets and how to adjust programming to best serve global audiences in this space.

HARI is planning to develop more exclusive (and short-form) digital-first content for YouTube, including thematic clip compilations, some full episodes, live streams and thematic excerpts.

HARI’s head of distribution, Sophie “Kido” Prigent, said, “YouTube is a major component of HARI’s growth strategy going forward. We’ve seen fantastic traction with Grizzy & the Lemmings, and the Mystery Lane launch provides an opportunity to even better understand how to serve our audiences in this critical, and ever growing, space.”

Kido added, “Soupir provides incredible insight. The viewership almost doubled in just one month following their appointment. They are helping us be more data-driven with our YouTube strategy, so we can expand this area exponentially and rapidly.”