Fuse to Launch Somos Novelas FAST Channel


Fuse Media is expanding its FAST portfolio with the launch of Somos Novelas, a Spanish-language channel featuring novelas from around the world.

Launching in partnership with Big Media, the FAST channel will feature titles from LatAm countries such as Venezuela and Chile, as well as dubbed series from countries such as Turkey, Korea and India.

“Novelas are cultural touchstones for Latino families, connecting the generations through a shared viewing experience,” said Miguel Roggero, chairman and CEO of Fuse Media. “With the addition of Somos Novelas to our channel portfolio, Fuse Media is now delivering content for every segment of the incredibly diverse Latino audience—the fastest growing demographic in the U.S. with an extraordinary purchasing power to match—and to anyone who wants to enjoy all of the vibrant aspects of Latino culture.”

“With the launch of Somos Novelas, Fuse Media continues to develop best-in-class partnerships to deliver premium content to our young, culturally diverse audience,” said Patrick Courtney, head of streaming and business development. “Somos Novelas will be like no other channel, generating excitement for novelas from around the world that will confirm the global fascination with this immensely popular genre.”