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Reasons to Advertise in World Screen

Editorial Excellence
World Screen has the best editorial team in the industry. Our carefully selected international roster of contributors provides features that are always timely and comprehensive. The magazine won an honorable mention at the Eddies.

The Most Influential Publishing Group
World Screen is well known for its extensive and authoritative interviews with the media industry’s top executives. They trust the group’s editorial integrity and its importance as the leader in the international media arena.

Region-Specific Publications
With TV Latina, our Spanish-language publication; TV Europe and TV Asia, you can target your message to specific regions.

Genre-Specific Publications
With TV Kids and TV Niños, our children’s programming publications; TV Real, which covers factual TV; TV Formats, our magazine devoted to the format business; TV Drama, about the production and distribution of drama worldwide; and TV Series, focused on Latin American telenovelas, you can target your message to clients in each of these segments of the industry.

Cable and Satellite Coverage
World Screen delivers regular columns and articles on global channels, in addition to our international syndication coverage. Bonus distribution at cable and satellite conventions throughout the world.

On Everyone’s Desk—FAST!
Our carefully selected and regularly updated circulation list includes virtually every international media executive at broadcast networks, thematic channels and cable, satellite and IPTV platforms. The magazine is polybagged and mailed from the U.S. and Europe for prompt delivery all over the world.

Total Convention Exposure
No other magazine group is more visible at the markets. At MIPTV and MIPCOM, we use two distribution companies to make sure every hotel receives three daily deliveries of our magazines—which are available earlier than others—­in addition to extensive distribution in our numerous bins. We also have broad stand and floor distribution.

The Most Attractive Magazine
The magazines’ size, design and four-color reproduction provide readers and advertisers with the most attractive convention vehicles. Our layout attracts readers, and your advertisement stands out.

Best Printing
We provide the best printing quality in the market. Your advertisement is printed using the best equipment and the highest-quality coated paper. From cover to cover, World Screen—winner of a Gold Ink Award for best-printed trade publication in the world—is the finest product to deliver your message.

Digital Editions
We offer digital editions of our magazines to 35,000 executives a week before the markets. Your print ad appears in the digital edition at no additional charge.

Web Exposure
Online advertising opportunities are available on (receiving 120,000 unique visitors each month),,,,,,,,,,, and TV Latina’s Spanish-­language website,

Daily Newsletters
Our daily electronic newsletters—World Screen NewsflashTV Kids Daily, TV Drama Daily and Diario TV Latina—reach 60,000 media executives and provide reliable and timely information on the international media industry in English and Spanish.

Weekly Newsletters
World Screen Weekly and TV Latina Semanal provide weekly profiles, in addition to a wrap-up of the week’s news. TV Real Weekly, TV Kids Weekly, TV Formats Weekly, TV Drama Weekly, TV Canales Semanal, TV Series Semanal, TV Formatos Semanal and TV Niños Semanal offer executive, channel and property profiles, as well as the week’s top headlines.

Monthly Newsletters
The Social Wit List, produced with The WIT, provides a ranking of the new series that generated the most social-media buzz globally.

Video Interviews
World Screen provides exclusive interviews with the top names in the media business with subtitles in Spanish, French and Mandarin.

The Most Complete Listings
As an advertiser, you will have access to the industry’s most complete program listings—in World Screen, in TV Listings, online and in the World Screen App.

Screen Your Programs In
With your advertisement, you have the opportunity to have your own Screening Room in The Screening Rooms deliver hundreds of high-quality video clips, viewable in full-screen format and searchable by company name, genre, event, keyword and show length. Reach your Spanish-language audience at

World Screen and TV Latina Apps
The World Screen App and the TV Latina App deliver program listings, stand and suite numbers at key markets, the latest media news headlines, event photos, restaurant and hotel directories and other resources. The apps are available for both Apple iOS and Android devices.

Handy Guides
Our portable annual guides are easy to carry and are full of useful information. The World Screen Guide, TV Kids Guide, TV Drama Guide and TV Formats Guide are devoted to the business of program distribution. The Guía de TV Latina focuses on the business of content distribution, acquisition and production in Latin America, the U.S. Hispanic market and Iberia.

Double Exposure
When you advertise in TV Europe, TV Kids, TV Real, TV Formats, TV Drama, TV Asia, TV Latina, TV Series, TV Niños or TV Listings, it is like being in two magazines for the price of one.

Return on Your Investment
“Our one-page advertisement in World Screen received immediate and direct sales inquiries in the few days before MIPTV from buyers we didn’t know and which we were able to translate into concrete sales during the market. You can’t ask for much more than that.”
—Genevieve Dexter, CEO, Serious Lunch, U.K.

“The ad we took out in World Screen was a good investment for us. Several people visited our booth after seeing the ad.”
—Richard Goldsmith, President and CEO, Cyber Group Studios U.S., U.S.A.

“We found World Screen incredibly helpful. One of the buyers ripped out the advertisement in World Screen and wanted to do a deal on the spot in response to it.” —Evan Crooke, CEO, Osiris Entertainment, U.S.A.

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