Friday, September 22, 2023
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World Screen is a 37year-old publication covering the international media business. It offers news and analysis on trends in the media industry across the globe, as well as insightful, exclusive interviews with leading executives.

TV Kids is a magazine completely devoted to the business of children’s programming and merchandising. We also publish TV Niños, our kids’ programming magazine in Spanish.

TV Real concentrates on the business of factual programming and channels throughout the world.

TV Formats is the magazine devoted to the international business of formats.

TV Drama is the magazine devoted to the international business of drama and co-productions.

TV Series is a Spanish-language publication focusing on the latest trends in the telenovela business.

TV Latina is a Spanish-language publication covering the programming, cable and satellite and OTT industries in Latin America, the U.S. Hispanic market and Iberia.

TV Asia is targeted to this vibrant and growing region.

TV Listings is the ultimate programming resource for buyers.

These publications target specific markets and audiences. World Screen is well known for its production quality and editorial integrity. You can expect the same from TV Kids, TV Real, TV Formats, TV Drama, TV AsiaTV LatinaTV Niños, TV Series and TV Listings: strong content, beautiful layout and quality reproduction. Our editors and writers provide in-depth coverage of each region or genre, concentrating exclusively on the content side of media.

But that’s not all. Our targeted magazines provide advertisers with a unique opportunity to gain double exposure at the markets. They are available as special supplements inside World Screen and also distributed separately, with their own publication bins and hotel distribution. This ensures that they are picked up by executives who wish to get the “big picture,” or those who wish to focus their attention solely on a specific region or program genre.

Double exposure. Targeted coverage. Pure programming environment. Editorial excellence. Superior production and design. These are the reasons why you should advertise in our targeted publications.

Double exposure: By advertising in TV Latina, TV Kids, TV Formats, TV Drama, TV Real, TV Niños, TV Series, TV Asia or TV Listings, you will be present in two magazines for the price of one.

Editorial excellence: Comprehensive features written by the best editorial staff in the industry, and by experts in each region and program genre.

Worldwide distribution: Exclusively targeted and distributed to international programming decision-makers.

Superior printing: Providing the best paper and reproduction quality available, giving you the finest product to deliver your message.

Maximum impact: Our large format and attractive design allows your advertisement to have the greatest possible exposure at the international markets.

Annual Guides

World Screen Guide provides comprehensive information on all the top distributors in the entertainment industry. It is also be mailed to 4,000 programming decision-makers and executives throughout the world.

TV Kids Guide is the only portable annual reference book for the international children’s programming industry. This guide is available at MIPCOM and MIP Junior. It is also mailed to 4,000 programming decision-makers and licensing executives throughout the world.

TV Drama Guide is the only portable annual reference book for the global drama business. It is available at MIPCOM and mailed to 4,000 programming decision-makers worldwide.