Globo’s A Mother’s Love Lands in the Balkans


The Globo telenovela A Mother’s Love will soon be available via UNA TV to viewers in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A Mother’s Love tells the stories of three mothers—Lurdes, Thelma and Vitória—who, despite their differences, see their lives intertwined forever. The series premieres on UNA TV on December 21.

Written by Manuela Dias with artistic direction by José Luiz Villamarim, A Mother’s Love explores what each of the women is capable of out of the love they have for their children. Lurdes, a mother of five, is searching for her son who was sold by his own father 26 years ago. Overprotective mom Thelma will do anything to keep her son close, and successful lawyer Vitória sees her marriage end after countless attempts to have a baby and decides to adopt—only to find out she is pregnant midway through the process.

Dias said: “What drives the narrative is always the heartbeat of the characters. This telenovela is about love and choices we make at times of despair. Very good people may do extreme things in extreme situations. Actually, I believe we are all capable of anything. Circumstances have a brute force, capable of pushing our characters to the edge. This telenovela is about that limit within the love of a mother for her children.”