NATPE Spotlight: Cisneros Media


Cisneros Media’s Mobius.Lab Productions has among its titles Animaltástico!, which exposes young viewers to the wild world of the animal kingdom.

Animals are also in the spotlight in Killer Instincts, which takes a look at the deadliest creatures from around the globe.

Further company offerings include Psyche, looking at the mind of a killer using first-person narration, and Food Pop, exploring food through a pop-culture lens.

“We see a constant interest in opulent lifestyles, a cult developed around food and its masters, a strong trend in fashion and the geniuses behind it and deep interest in animal behavior and basic survival instincts,” says Ailing Zubizarreta, Cisneros’ VP of creative services.

There’s also a package of short-form content that can be “customized for clients for use on the go, depending on their programming efforts and needs.”

“We are here to partner with companies that want to create compelling and fascinating stories,” adds Zubizarreta.