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Horowitz: Latinx Over-Indexing for SVODs

July 8, 2022

According to Horowitz Research, media companies are expanding their Spanish-language content to serve growing Latinx audiences, a group that is over-indexing for subscribing to SVODs and using AVODs compared to the total market.

LatAm to Top 100 Million SVOD Subs

September 1, 2020

Latin America is projected to have 100.35 million SVOD subscriptions by 2025, according to Digital TV Research, more than double the 42.15 million recorded at the end of 2019.

LatAm SVOD Subs to Double

March 16, 2020

By 2025, Latin America will have 81 million SVOD subscribers, almost twice as many as the numbers recorded last year, according to Digital TV Research.