NATPE Spotlight: Cisneros Media Distribution


MIAMI: While telenovelas remain an important part of the Cisneros Media Distribution offering, the company is diversifying and will be showcasing its new highlights at NATPE.

“We are transitioning from a traditional distribution company to a new and innovative custom-made content business solution, offering everything from clip-based shows in all formats to dubbing and channel-managing services,” says Marcello Coltro, the executive VP of content distribution at Cisneros Media Distribution.

The company is presenting Mobius.Lab News, a yearly package of monthly specials that a channel can customize by using their own host, and Mobius.Lab Digital Capsules, which are short pieces, ranging from 30 seconds to four minutes, in categories such as world affairs and sports. “With Mobius.Lab we are redefining our business and building up a new library of shows and franchises,” says Coltro.

Drug Stars, meanwhile, is a collection of webisodes that portrays the lives and eccentricities of infamous drug lords.