Marcello Coltro Leaving Cisneros Media Distribution


Marcello Coltro is stepping down from his post as executive VP of Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD), effective September 15.

Coltro spent three years as executive VP of CMD. He was hired to implement the company’s strategy to integrate the areas of pay TV and content distribution. Coltro was responsible for the consolidation of CMD’s pay-TV channels in Latin America, re-launching VePlus and expanding the business to the U.S., where he launched Venevision USA. Coltro was also instrumental in the creation of Mobius.Lab Productions, a partnership with Getty Images launched in October 2015, and the development of the company’s first “serienovela.”

“I sincerely thank Marcello for his dedication to our company,” said Jonathan Blum, the president of Cisneros Media. “The passion he puts into his work is contagious and it translates into the many successes he has achieved for Cisneros over the last three years. It has been a pleasure to work with him and see his creative business strategies evolve from ideas to reality, and from reality into new business models. I am sure his contribution to our company will continue to flourish even after his departure.

“We are extremely proud to have had Marcello as part of Cisneros. During these last days, we have been working on a smooth handover and I will be personally overseeing the projects and the team Marcello was leading. We are looking forward to hearing much more of his achievements in the near future.”