NATPE Spotlight: Cisneros Media Distribution


With the excitement around the World Cup already in full swing, Cisneros Media Distribution believes Destino: Rusia 2018 will drum up interest from buyers at NATPE.

The bespoke content is packaged as half-hours and a shorter format of two minutes. “Our partnership with Getty Images makes this offer very attractive, given that they are one of the official photographers of FIFA,” says Ailing Zubizarreta, the company’s VP of creative services. “We’ve also partnered with exclusive creative talent to elevate the product to a gold standard.”

Zubizarreta adds that Mysterious Earth is “a dream for the docuseries buyer looking for a modern twist on unsolved historical mysteries.” Food Pop, she says, is “a perfect fit for buyers who want a behind-the-scenes [look at] the world’s most popular foods.”

“Each one of these titles has unique and international appeal,” Zubizarreta notes.