Lista Social Wit: July 2017


Of all the new programs that launched in Latin America last month, TV Globo’s debut of Sob Pressão stirred up the most buzz on social media, according to The WIT.

Sob Pressão, a drama based on the 2016 theatric blockbuster, follows the hectic daily routine of a public health unit located in a shantytown. The series saw around 31,000 comments on Facebook and Twitter.

Record TV’s premiere of Belaventura had approximately 14,000 tweets. The telenovela is set in the Middle Ages in the fictional kingdom of Belaventura. King Otoniel prepares his eldest son to succeed him, but Enrico falls in love with Pietra, a young peasant woman, and is ready to renounce his title of nobility to marry her. At the same time, the king’s counselor, Cedric, tries to convince Princess Cremona to seize power in his brother’s place.

Another TV Globo title to make the ranking of most-buzzed-about new shows in LatAm is PopStar. The singing competition, which features prominent performers (actors, hosts, athletes) showing their musical talents, garnered around 9,000 tweets.

Lo mejor de la familia debuted on Canal 13 (El Trece) in Argentina to around 6,000 social-media comments. The family game show pits two extended families (grandparents, uncles, cousins…) against each other in entertaining challenges testing their individual capacities or as a group, and rewards the winning family with a prize.

En tierras salvajes on Las Estrellas in Mexico had some 5,500 comments. The telenovela charts the story of three very different brothers living in a rural area, and all falling in love with a young woman coming from the city.

There were around 5,100 tweets about Irreversible on Canal 13 in Chile. The scripted reality crime series features judicial analyst Carlos Pinto in standalone episodes about real criminal cases, reenacted by actors.

Las Estrellas also premiered El vuelo de la Victoria, which saw some 4,300 social-media comments. The telenovela—produced by Nathalie Lartilleux and adapted from the 1995 Venezuelan telenovela Como tú, ninguna—charts the story of Victoria, a young girl from a poor background that finds meaning in her life through running. She is fighting to win her place in the next Olympic Games.

Vikki RPM, which launched on Nickelodeon Latinoamérica in Mexico, had approximately 4,200 tweets with its debut. The teen series, set in and around a racetrack, follows two charismatic kart racers from rival families who live their passion to the limit.

Around 4,000 tweets were sent about El momento de la verdad on Canal 13 in Chile. The local adaptation of the psychology-themed game show format The Moment of Truth sees contestants answer increasingly personal questions honestly, as determined by a polygraph, to win a cash prize.

Capping off the list at number ten is A Fórmula, which launched on TV Globo in Brazil to around 3,900 tweets. The comedic drama follows a young couple who falls in love, loses touch, then gets reunited 30 years later.

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