Mr. Student Body President Heads to RCN AVOD Service


RCN Colombia has picked up the first season of New Form’s Mr. Student Body President from Keshet International for its AVOD service

Mr. Student Body President stars Jeremy Shada (Adventure Time) as the most ambitious student body president in the history of Berenger High. The young-adult comedy was originally produced in the U.S. for mobile content service go90. The 10×12-minute show, subtitled in Spanish, is slated to premiere this summer as’s first English-language digital series.

Maria Iregui, the executive VP of strategy at, said: “We are very excited to partner with Keshet International on this idea of bringing content to our younger audiences and continue to build loyalty and preference in our digital assets.”

“This exciting venture is something of an experimental departure for our friends at RCN, and we’re happy that they chose to embark on this venture with our content,” noted Kelly Wright, the VP of distribution and new business at Keshet International. “This is an important step in the evolution of RCN’s growing digital footprint, which will be backed by an extensive marketing campaign. We look forward to watching RCN’s viewership grow from strength to strength.”

“The sale of Mr. Student Body President to yet another international premium platform speaks to the quality and versatility of the series—we are thrilled to share it with the expanding RCN audience,” added New Form COO JC Cangilla.