Turnip + Duck Opens Shadow Writing Scheme for Maddie + Triggs


Turnip + Duck has launched LISTEN HEAR, an animation writing scheme for blind and visually impaired writers that will allow them to participate in the making of Maddie + Triggs.

The scheme is supported by Cultural and Creative Industries Skillnet and the National Talent Academy for Animation. Ten participants have already begun working with writer and mentor Dee Roycroft on an introductory program and will soon shadow the writing team of the series for CBeebies and RTÉ Kids.

As the participants move into the shadow part of the scheme, they will get to develop their episode pitches with series writers Emma Hogan, Davey Moore, Jayne Kirkham and Dave Ingham, as well as the series creators and showrunners Aidan O’Donovan and Colm Tobin. With Roycroft’s guidance, they will be given the opportunity to create an original script from start to finish in a real professional context.

Coverfly and Final Draft have agreed to donate ten copies of their industry-standard screenwriting software to the participants.

“Saying you’re going to produce an inclusive show is one thing, but actually following through and doing it is another,” said Tobin, managing director of Turnip + Duck. “We’re delighted to have gotten all key stakeholders aligned in support of LISTEN HEAR, and we can’t thank the NTAA, CCIS and Final Draft enough for their support.”

O’Donovan, creative director of Turnip + Duck, added, “Huge credit has to go to our series writing team also. Our aim on Maddie + Triggs was to create a supportive, horizontal writing structure that encouraged collaboration, and their enthusiasm for sharing their experience and knowledge with the next generation of animation writers is a wonderful extension of that ethos.”