Marta Ezpeleta Named CEO of The Mediapro Studio


Marta Ezpeleta has been appointed as the next CEO of The Mediapro Studio, taking up the post as of next January, at which time Laura Fernández Espeso will step into the role of CEO of Grup Mediapro.

Javier Esteban will then replace Ezpeleta to become the new international director of The Mediapro Studio.

Ezpeleta’s experience in the industry began in 1998 at The Walt Disney Company. She spent more than 20 years at the company, including as general manager of distribution for the Iberian peninsula. In 2019, Ezpeleta joined The Mediapro Studio as director of international distribution and co-productions.

Espeso said: “Marta’s professionalism, vision and dedication have been instrumental in The Mediapro Studio’s growth and international expansion. I have worked side by side with Marta since she joined Mediapro, and I am thoroughly convinced she will do an excellent job at the helm of the Studio as a key part of the very talented team within the group, highly respected and supported by everyone.”

Ezpeleta added: “I am deeply grateful to Laura for her trust and for this opportunity. Taking up the baton from Laura is an enormous responsibility that I assume with great enthusiasm and respect. The Mediapro Studio is a worldwide reality, built as a result of teamwork and the exceptional quality of all the entire team behind it, who create content courageously and with a commitment to the community. To continue with this mission is, for me, a source of great pride.”