Nebula Content Coming to Spotify


The creator-built streaming service Nebula has partnered with Spotify to bring its video content to the music platform’s Spotify for Podcasters hub.

The first slate of Nebula creators coming to Spotify includes CinemaWins, Charles Cornell, Hello Future Me, Captain Midnight, Tale Foundry, Game Makers ToolKit, Todd in the Shadows, Adam Neely, The Closer Look, FD Signifier and Kat Blaque.

Their content will appear on Spotify for Podcasters, which provides podcast and video creators with tools to grow communities and deepen their engagement with fans. Spotify already hosts 2.5 million video episodes.

“Creators are at the core of everything we do at Spotify, so we are eager to partner with Nebula, a creator-built and creator-operated platform, to bring this content to our users across the globe,” said Jordan Newman, head of content Pprtnerships. “Video greatly deepens our creators’ engagement, growth and retention with their fans—so we are thrilled to introduce such an innovative and diverse slate of video content to our audience.”

“Nebula is home to so many talented and thoughtful creators,” commented Dave Wiskus, CEO of Nebula. “It’s important for us to build partnerships that highlight the amazing work our creators are doing. Spotify gives us an opportunity to expand our reach, not just in numbers but with the exact kind of audience who would most enjoy what we do.”