Little Dot Studios Verified Carbon Neutral


Little Dot Studios, an All3Media company, has been verified as carbon neutral across its organizational and operational output, marking the latest steps in the company’s efforts to become a more sustainable business.

The verification is the result of a thorough, third-party analysis of Little Dot Studios’ carbon footprint, which included how its offices are powered, employee initiatives and how its productions are created and facilitated.

Little Dot Studios has also increased its off-setting efforts to account for its historical emissions, backdating to its inception in 2013.

In addition, the company is learning from its work producing and distributing content for clients such as the UN, UNEP, Formula E and Extreme E, and has signed onto the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework.

“It’s fantastic that Little Dot Studios is choosing to offset its historic emissions,” said Will Bourns, sustainability analyst for Albert, the authority on environmental sustainability for film and TV. “Looking ahead, it’s always about finding ways to mitigate and reduce our environmental impact, but it’s brilliant when companies also choose to recognize and hold themselves accountable for their past activity.”

Ali Russell, chief marketing officer from Extreme E, said, “As a sport-for-purpose series, it’s essential for us to align ourselves with people and companies that share our core values and ambitions. We are therefore delighted that such a key partner, Little Dot Studios, has undergone this thorough process, and hopefully, it will inspire more companies in our industries to follow suit.”

“Real, measurable change needs to happen across agencies, businesses and brands so that we see more positive impact and across the globe from industry as well as government,” said Saunders Carmichael Brown, sustainability ambassador at Little Dot Studios. “I’m proud that we are taking action to evolve our daily operations and through backdating our emissions, demonstrate we are serious about sustainability. We’re early on our journey, but the verification is one way we are being accountable to our colleagues, clients and climate action.”