TV Latina Screenings Festival Now Available


Drama and reality continue to be some of the most sought-after genres globally, and top distributors are showcasing their new highlights for the market in this new edition of the Spanish-language TV Latina Screenings Festival.

Visit to view clips of these new programs. Clicking on each title will take you directly to the trailer. Below you will find perspectives from major distributors on what makes these properties attractive options for broadcasters and platforms in the current media landscape.

All3Media International’s new drama offerings for this year feature The Tourist, from Emmy-winning producer Two Brothers Pictures. “This character-driven mystery thriller about a man’s search for his identity is funny, surprising, action-packed and utterly compelling,” says Janel Downing, VP for Latin America at All3Media International. The Love Trap features eight women trying to win the affection of a single man, but some are only looking to win the cash prize. The company also presents Close to Me, Black Sands and Don’t Tell the Bride.

Over at Eccho Rights, Barbora Suster, the company’s director for Latin America and Iberia, highlights the drama series Chrysalis, which she describes as “a phenomenal smash hit, [which] has dominated the ratings each week since its premiere in April.” She also mentions Legacy, a drama that “has taken viewers worldwide by storm with a host of international sales.”

Global Agency is showcasing a catalog of Turkish titles including The Game of My Destiny. “It’s a powerful story full of secrets that are gradually revealed,” says Iván Sánchez, the company’s sales director for LatAm. Global Agency is also presenting Redemption, which “has the power of Turkish super dramas, a story full of both pain and hope, in which a mother moves heaven and Earth to find her daughter and rebuild her life,” he says.

CDC United Network, known for its diverse movie catalog, has made its way into series space with Around the World in 80 Days, composed of eight one-hour episodes.

For those keen on television romance, Nicely Entertainment looks to satisfy that appetite with feel-good movies. The company is highlighting Love in Bloom, which “is a perfect summery getaway complete with fresh wildflowers, adorable wildlife and all the best parts of a countryside wedding,” says Vanessa Shapiro, CEO.

Love at the Christmas Contest tells the story of a young woman who enters a Christmas tree decorating contest to honor the memory of her mother, only to discover that the competition includes her recently widowed high school sweetheart and his adorable 10-year-old daughter. “This adorable Christmas movie’s sure to give you new ideas for your own tree this year!” says Shapiro.

Turkish distributor Calinos Entertainment is also betting on strong emotional stories with Lawless Love, “a captivating and visually compelling tale of the impossible love story between Gulfem, the daughter of a rich mining boss, and Davut, a mine worker, whose lives will change unexpectedly after a tragic accident,” explains José Luis Gascue, executive VP at Calinos. The company is also presenting Forbidden Fruit.

RCN Televisión arrives at the TV Latina Screenings Festival with Coffee with Scent of a Woman. Sebastián Vallejo could never have imagined that he could fall in love with a coffee picker from his family’s coffee farm. The day he heard Gaviota’s singing, saw her figure and smile, he realized he had never met anyone like her before. “The strength of this successful original script by Fernando Gaitan together with its excellent production values and an international cast make this production a delight for all audiences,” says María Lucía Hernández Frieri, the company’s international sales director.

In The Chosen Granddaughter, the millionaire Sara Roldan introduces Luisa, a humble young girl, into her family as her recently discovered granddaughter, who in reality is an impostor and must confront the rest of the Roldan family to get revenge planned by her father from prison. “This is an extraordinary drama full of love and passion as well as powerful elements of thrill and suspense,” she adds.

Russia Television and Radio/Sovtelexport is offering Elsa’s Land, which “tells a moving love story of 70-year-old Romeo and Juliette,” says Julia Matyash, director at Sovtelexport. “Their families do not approve of their love, which leads to a tense confrontation between generations.” Also on offer from the company is The Emerald Curse, where, “in the mystical setting of a small town, its characters are challenged by an eternal problem—they have to make a choice between good and evil, wealth and happiness, humanity and greed.”

The Mediapro Studio is looking to cater to thrill-seeking viewers with La edad de la ira. “It’s a powerful adaptation of Nando López’s bestseller with an incredibly promising young cast,” says Marta Ezpeleta, general manager at The Mediapro Studio Distribution and international offices. “La edad de la ira (The Age of Fury) is a thrilling story about sexual orientation and coming of age.”

Also on offer is Express, where a brilliant criminal psychologist resigns from the police force and begins working at Zentral Risk, an insurance company whose star product is a policy that covers kidnapping. Their mission is to wipe out this kind of crime.

“It’s a series that speaks of our fast-moving world and how a kidnapping-solving mother tries to cope with the trauma of having also been herself a victim of this crime. A lot of ingredients for a dense yet explosive series,” Ezpeleta says. The Mediapro Studio complements its catalog with The Boarding School–Las cumbres.