TV Latina Screenings Festival: Telemundo Global Studios’ Karen Barroeta


Karen Barroeta, the executive VP of production and development at Telemundo Global Studios, spoke to TV Latina’s Elizabeth Bowen-Tombari about the synergies in her roles and responsibilities during her 20-year career at Telemundo, along with highlighting the high demand for Spanish-language productions.

“Our Spanish-language productions are sold in many countries,” Barroeta said in an interview you can see here. “Our content is being consumed in Asia, Africa and Europe on different platforms. We’re very proud of what we do. Our goal is to continue working on and creating unique stories. At Telemundo, we create content that can be seen on any platform and we’re capitalizing on that. So, we’re very happy with all these stories that we’re producing.”

Barroeta also talked about the production process at Telemundo Global Studios, the importance of IP for the success of a show, as well as future plans and projects, including new seasons of La reina del Sur and El señor de los cielos.

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