Lista Social Wit: June 2017


Of all the new programs that launched in Latin America in June, A Casa on Record TV in Brazil had the most social-media buzz, according to The WIT.

The local adaptation of the reality format Get the F**k Out of My House sees 100 candidates participate in an experiment consisting of a two-month confinement within the same house. There were around 46,000 comments on Facebook and Twitter about the show’s debut.

La Hermandad on Chilevision in Chile saw around 21,000 tweets with its premiere. The paranormal entertainment show features presenter Julio César Rodríguez, along with four experts in paranormal activity, investigating all kinds of mysterious and terrifying phenomena based on videos collected around the world.

Chilevision also debuted Aqui Está Chile, which garnered around 17,000 tweets. Broadcast simultaneously on sister channel CNN Chile and featuring in each episode one of the candidates for the upcoming center-right primary, the format consists of six citizens presenting their points of view on various issues affecting the country, each accompanied by a journalist. The guest of the day answers to each citizen and suggests solutions to improve the situation on each subject.

There were some 16,000 tweets about Pega Pega on TV Globo in Brazil. The telenovela centers on a young man who burgles a luxury hotel belonging to a famous playboy. He ends up regretting his crime after falling in love with the female police detective who is investigating the case.

Mi marido tiene familia debuted on Las Estrellas in Mexico to around 14,000 social-media comments. The telenovela is based on the South Korean drama My Husband Got a Family, which is about a successful woman whose husband was adopted. When he is reunited with his biological parents, she faces the unexpected burden of having to build a relationship with her new-found in-laws. The series is produced by Juan Osorio.

Fanny, la Fan on Argentina’s Telefe drew around 9,000 tweets. The comedy telenovela is about Fanny, who becomes the president of her favorite telenovela’s fan club. Fanny decides to take matters into her own hands by infiltrating the studio, but could this be her chance to become a star?

TVN in Chile launched 62, historia de un Mundial, and there were around 7,000 tweets about the debut. The period miniseries traces the first Football World Cup in Chile, between 1956 and 1962, a project that rocked the whole country and was marked by challenges and anecdotes.

Around 6,000 tweets went out about Soldados 1.0 on Canal RCN in Colombia. The reality series follows a group of eight celebrities as they leave civilian life to enter a grueling military training, supervised by soldiers of the Colombian army. At the end of each week, the best are rewarded and the worst face off in a last test to try to avoid elimination.

The debut of À Primeira Vista on Rede Band in Brazil also saw some 6,000 tweets. In the local adaptation of the dating reality format First Dates, cameras are placed within a restaurant and watch people as they meet for the first time.

Capping off the list at number ten, Papá Mono premiered on Canal 13 in Chile to around 3,000 comments. The comedy series is about a man in his fifties who is carefree and unbearable in many respects despite all the sympathy he inspires. He returns to live with his daughter and develops a “peer-to-peer” relationship with his grandson.

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