ATF Spotlight: Caracol Televisión


With a strong message of female empowerment, the series Ana’s Revenge on Caracol Televisión’s slate boasts thrilling plot twists for viewers to enjoy.

The series follows Analía, who becomes a political candidate’s advisor and right hand, putting him at the top of the polls only to later tear him down and bring his corrupt past to light. “It has been trending for several months in the Latin American market, and we are looking forward to its premiere in the Asian market during ATF,” says Estefania Arteaga, international sales director at Caracol.

Among the company’s romance and family-style drama titles are Living to Love and The Road to Love, featuring lighthearted stories with strong and independent characters. “Both have a fresh and innovative take on family life and matters of the heart,” says Arteaga.

She adds, “In 2020, Caracol Televisión has focused on creating innovative ideas and storylines suitable for format and remake opportunities.”