ATF Spotlight: Caracol Television


Bolívar, which tells the story of the life and loves of Simón Bolívar, is the latest mega-production from Caracol Television.

“We know historical and costume dramas tend to be popular in Asia, so we wanted to bring this story to life,” says Estefania Arteaga, international sales director at Caracol Television.

The Agency is an entertainment format that presents a new perspective on the world of fashion, as men and women of different sizes, heights and races strive to become top models. “The format front is still a major focus for our business, as we continue to assess the needs and demand for more innovative stories and concepts in the region,” says Arteaga.

The series The Queen of Flow has premiered in Indonesia already and will soon launch in India and Vietnam, among other markets.

Arteaga adds, “Our mission in Asia is to continue our presence beyond just telenovelas with high-quality series with top production values.”