TV Movies Screenings Festival Spotlight: Candlelight Media Group


The TV Movies Screenings Festival features Candlelight Media Group’s Romance on the Ranch, starring Suzanne Pereira, Chris Reid and Brando White.

Brittany Wiscombe, senior VP of development, says the feel-good love story “is enhanced by the beautiful cinematography and engages the viewer throughout. It’s cozy, thoughtful and fun.”

In Love Across Time, also available from Candlelight Media Group, a woman in the present day stumbles upon a portal to the past in an old British manor.

“We love the charming combination of romance, regency appeal and humor in Love Across Time,” says Jennifer Brough, VP of distribution. “It results in a swoon-worthy regency romance set in the present day. The element of mystery and the unexplained make it unique, and it’s a beautifully acted and enchanting movie.”