MIPTV Spotlight: Escapade Media


Among Escapade Media’s highlights, Hacking Evolution: Lionfish explores why some introduced non-native species are harmless, and even beneficial, while others, like the lionfish, become unstoppable and devastate regional biodiversity.

The documentary “examines a global problem of the invasion of the lionfish across the Atlantic coast, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the Middle East,” says Natalie Lawley, managing director.

The factual-entertainment series For the Love of Pets offers insights into the Animal Welfare League of South Australia’s state-of-the-art Animal Care Centre at a time when pet ownership has never been higher.

Based on the novel by Frances Whiting, the musical drama The Best Kind of Beautiful centers on a family pop band as they learn to share their secrets and heal the wounds of their past.

Lawley says, “These projects highlight Escapade’s offering across various genres and the ability to continue to deliver despite the pandemic.”