MIPTV Spotlight: Escapade Media


Escapade Media is presenting a variety of titles at MIPTV, including the new fantasy crime drama Dancing Daggers.

The ten-part series centers on a wizard detective and his halfling apprentice as they work to solve the murder of an elf princess. From the Burgos Brothers, “this series brings pure mystical escapism by an award-winning creative team,” says Natalie Lawley, managing director.

The second season of For the Love of Pets continues to bring stories from the RSPCA in Queensland, Australia, to the screen.

Breakaway Femmes, meanwhile, spotlights the challenges facing women’s sports, using the Tour de France Femmes as its driver. “It underpins the determination, sacrifice and sheer fight female athletes must harness to participate and ultimately win,” Lawley says. “This is a global story with a global impact.”

“These projects highlight Escapade Media’s collaborative approach to projects to ensure they resonate with global audiences,” adds Lawley.