MIPTV Spotlight: Amuz Distribution


Amuz Distribution is expanding its offering beyond pure comedy while keeping true to its tagline, “keeping the world feeling good.”

The catalog includes the dramedy About Antoine, inspired by the true-life story of a poly-handicapped young man and the challenges his family faces. Alex Avon, VP of global distribution, calls it “an uplifting story of love and family triumphing over limitations,” carried out with “authenticity, sensitivity and humor.”

The dramedy Larry centers on a former undercover police officer with a tarnished reputation who is now a security guard with an injured wife.

There are five seasons of the mystery Valmont, about a woman who is a mother, the eldest of five sisters and the devoted heir to the family farm. Her world is turned upside down when her husband dies.

“We are promoting our growing portfolio of positive-minded programming and are open to meeting producers to acquire programs for representation,” adds Avon.