NBC Sports, Peacock Retain EPL Rights


NBCUniversal has renewed its deal with the Premier League for another six years, delivering coverage on NBC Sports, Peacock and Telemundo Deportes.

The deal covers all 380 matches, studio programming and additional content across NBC, USA Network, Peacock, Telemundo, Universo and other platforms. NBC Sports has been the U.S. home of the Premier League since 2013. The new deal covers the 2022/23 season all the way through 2028.

Premier League Chief Executive Richard Masters noted, “We are delighted to announce our new U.S. broadcast deal with NBC Sports, who have been brilliant partners for the Premier League over the last nine seasons. NBC Sports has significantly strengthened the popularity of the League in the United States in that time through its fantastic coverage and promotion. NBC Sports’ Premier League Mornings programming is now a real institution among supporters in America, with fans getting up early to come together and cheer on their favorite club, week in, week out. It’s an exciting time for football in the U.S. and we look forward to continuing to work with NBC Sports to bring our competition to even more fans over the next six years.”

Pete Bevacqua, chairman of NBC Sports, noted, “Our Premier League team, led by Jon Miller, has been incredibly dedicated to growing the Premier League in the United States over the last nine years. This new agreement is also a testament to the hard work of production, marketing and other areas of our company, as well as the tremendous partnership that has been established with the leadership and club owners of the Premier League.”

Speaking on a conference call, Bevacqua said, “When you think about the importance of this deal for us, it’s certainly a key move for us at NBC Sports, but really for all of NBC. And whether that is as we move forward with the transition from NBCSN to USA with the advent of Peacock and how the Premier League has been such a powerful element and such a key contributor to the success so far of Peacock, and, obviously, the continuation of the great work that we’ve done for the Premier League on Telemundo and Universo. This really touches so many aspects and so many different parts of NBC.”

On deploying matches across the NBCUniversal portfolio, Bevacqua said, “We’ll continue to balance games throughout NBC, USA and Peacock. I think it’s very important for the Premier League that there was a strong linear presence. That will continue. That’s critical to them. That’s critical to us. I think one of the great advantages we have at NBC is that we have this platform flexibility. We have such key platforms in broadcast, cable and streaming. It sets us up well for the future, and part of a great relationship is working together to make sure that we position those games properly each year. I think that formula, as it comes together, can change each year; the balance of games on those three platforms can change each year, but it’s absolutely our intent to maintain a strong linear presence for these games on NBC and USA, while, of course, also delivering a strong series of matchups on Peacock, as we have in the immediate past since the launch of Peacock.”