TV Latina Festival: Dori Media Distribution Argentina’s María Pérez Campi


María Pérez Campi, the sales director for U.S. Hispanic and Latin America at Dori Media Distribution Argentina, commented on the importance of Argentina as a global production and distribution hub for Dori Media Group and the great value it has given the company’s catalog during the TV Latina Festival.

In conversation with Elizabeth Bowen-Tombari, editor at TV Latina, which you can view in its entirety here, Campi discussed the success of formats like En terapia, which has a number of local versions around the world. “It’s a classic,” she says. “The Argentinean version also sold very well, and we also have a Chilean adaptation. En terapia had plenty of remakes that were sold as finished product. It’s a title that always worked well and will continue to do so.”

Pérez Campi also mentioned the company’s collaboration with Apple TV+ for Losing Alice, the strategy for developing short series and Dori Media’s highlights for the last months of the year.

You can see the complete interview here.

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