TV Latina Festival: Screenings for All3Media, Inter Medya & More


Viewers continue to access a myriad of content across a wide range of platforms around the world. Dramas, thrillers and suspense continue to keep viewers glued to their screens of choice. In addition, genres such as reality and factual are growing in popularity among viewers in Latin America. During the TV Latina Festival, some of the region’s main distributors comment on what makes these properties attractive options for broadcasters and platforms today. 

All3Media International offers something for everyone. Among the highlights is Witness Number 3. “It’s a masterpiece of tension,” says Yari Torres, VP for Latin America. “With a Hitchcock-inspired script by Thomas Eccleshare, the show will keep viewers hooked.” All3Media International also presents The Ex-Wife, How to Hire a Hitman, Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars, Stolen: Catching the Art Thieves and Rise of the Billionaires.

Over at Artist View Entertainment, Scott Jones, president, comments on the action-adventure Night Train. The production “follows a single mother’s desperate attempt to get the medicine her son needs to survive,” he says. “When she agrees to deliver valuable medical supplies to the black market, the FBI is hot on her heels, but with the help of her customized vehicle, known as Night Train, she is able to stay one step ahead of the law.” The company also offers The Furry Fortune.

Inter Medya presents a solid offering of Turkish productions, including Another Chance, where Sadi Payaslı is a geography teacher who balances his life and takes care of five convicted students from a reformatory. Another highlight is Poison Ivy, where Macide, daughter of a poor family who has studied psychology, falls in love with Ahmet’s older brother, Kazım Işık, known as the smartest and most successful businessman in the country.

Kanal D International, known for its offering of high-quality Turkish productions, offers That Girl, where Zeynep, like thousands of young girls, is a phenomenon on social media and dreams of leaving her miserable life behind. But as she strives to do so, she must also take care of her father. Three Sisters is set in the late ’90s and tells the story of three sisters named Türkan, Dönüş and Derya, who lived with a close-knit family. Every night they dreamed of a promising future. After spending years with their family in a fairy tale, each will face the harsh realities of life.

Based on the renowned books by Jill Murphy, The Worst Witch is an exciting series of adventures of one of the most iconic and beloved characters in children’s literature. The production, which is part of the ZDF Studios portfolio, “captures the unique tone and style of the book series, which has not been out of print for the past 50 years and builds on the success of the previous films and TV shows,” says Arne Lohmann, VP Junior.

Lohmann also mentions Heirs of the Night, set in 1889 and tells the story of the five remaining vampire clans in Europe and their young people called “the heirs.” Among them is Alisa, who has the power to choose between eternal life as a vampire or for all vampires to become human again. “It’s an epic adventure for tweens, teens and families, shot all over Europe,” he notes. ZDF Studios also offers the animated show, Zoom.