TV Latina Festival: Global Agency’s Iván Sánchez


Iván Sánchez, the sales director for Latin America at Global Agency, took part in the TV Latina Festival, where he spoke on the evolution of the company’s business in the region since the arrival of Las mil y una noches on Mega in Chile in 2014.

“We were lucky to be the first to enter Latin America with Turkish content,” he said in a conversation you can view in its entirety here, with Elizabeth Bowen-Tombari, editor of TV Latina. “Everyone on the team, including myself, had long been knocking on doors for an opportunity. It was the people at Mega Chile who believed in the product. Many believed that this would be a passing trend, but we had already alerted them: Turkish content is a quality product that has a very loyal audience.”

During the interview, Sánchez also spoke on Global Agency’s rich portfolio, title highlights and how the company is preparing for upcoming in-person markets.

You can see the complete interview here.

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