ATF Spotlight: Record TV Network


SINGAPORE: Brazil’s Record TV Network heads to ATF for the second time with a slate that is led by Moses and the Ten Commandments (Moisés y los Diez Mandamientos).

The epic soap opera, from screenwriter Vivian de Oliveira and director Alexandre Avancini, retells the classic Bible story. “Moses and the Ten Commandments [has had] absolute success in many continents and the interest is growing each day,” says Delmar Andrade, Record TV Network’s international sales director. “For example, it is a fever in Argentina…. In Chile, the soap opera has brought a big audience in prime time to TVN, and today it is one of the most popular shows on the TV channel.” Andrade notes that the series has also been a hit in such countries as the U.S. and Dominican Republic, among others.

Another title on offer to international buyers at the market is The Slave Mother (La Esclava Madre), a 4K soap opera directed by Ivan Zettel and loosely based on the novel by screenwriter Gustavo Reiz.