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U.K. Broadcaster Viewing Share to Drop Below 48 Percent


By 2028, U.K. broadcasters’ share of overall viewing will drop to 48 percent, down from 64 percent in 2022, according to Enders Analysis.

Broadcasters are losing out to both streaming services and short- to mid-form platforms like TikTok, Enders reveals. By 2028, streaming services will account for 23 percent of viewing, up from 15 percent today. YouTube and other platforms offering online content will rise from 22 percent in 2022 to 29 percent.

Overall viewing time is set to rise, Enders continues, increasing from 258 minutes per day last year to 269 minutes in 2028. By then, broadcaster live viewing will be at 88 minutes a day, with non-live at 41 minutes. Meanwhile, an average of 62 minutes will be spent on SVOD, and 78 minutes on YouTube and other online video platforms.

Overall broadcast viewing is expected to be down by 21 percent in 2028, with live declining by 27 percent and non-live by 6 percent. Streaming minutes per day will rise by 61 percent, Enders projects, driven by those over the age of 55. “The new economic realities of streaming might mean more collaboration with broadcasters and more considered spending, but their continued investment into the user experience and ability to increasingly shape the cultural zeitgeist puts them in a strong position for further growth,” Enders notes. “SVOD will be a substitute for broadcaster viewing, with the combined share of the predominantly long-form categories—broadcaster and SVOD—set to continue to shrink over time as short-form video increases share.”

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