NATPE Budapest Spotlight: Inter Medya


Bitter Lands, on offer from Inter Medya at NATPE Budapest this year, is the story of an epic love affair that begins in Istanbul during the 1970s that asks whether love can withstand the throes of evil, tyranny and murder.

Bitter Lands is the story of a legendary love,” says Ahmet Ziyalar, Inter Medya’s COO.

The Perfect Couple, another of Inter Medya’s slate highlights, is a reality dating show set on an island, where 11 men and 11 women compete for keys to the rooms of a house they must share—the only problem is, there isn’t enough space for everyone.

Broken Wings, a drama produced by Koliba, follows a single mother struggling to take care of her four children. “This title has been performing very well in Turkey and has already been sold to the U.S. Hispanic market, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Chile,” says Ziyalar.