ATF Spotlight: Inter Medya


With strong ratings since its recent debut in Turkey, the drama Bitter Lands is on offer from Inter Medya.

“International buyers want to see classic stories about love and family, and we can all agree that Bitter Lands is a special kind of love story,” says Can Okan, the company’s founder and CEO.

Exathlon is a sports reality format that looks on as teams of physically fit contestants participate in par­kour competitions.

There is also The Pit, a drama series produced by Ay Yapim. The show tells the story of a conflicted young man who has to go back to his hometown to become head of the family.

“Throughout the past three years, the interest in Turkish content from Asian buyers has increased tremendously and will continue to rise,” adds Okan.

He notes, “These series appeal to buyers across the Asia Pacific because of their conservative yet gripping storylines and high production qualities.”