NATPE Budapest Spotlight: ZDF Enterprises


The adventures of a young trainee at Cackle’s Academy come to life in the children’s series The Worst Witch, part of the ZDFE.junior slate.

From ZDFE.unscripted, The Greatest Race focuses on the charioteers of ancient Rome. “This documentary goes behind the scenes of the greatest spectacle of the classical world, as it closely follows the legendary rise of the young Scorpus from a slave to one of the most successful charioteers in the lion’s den at the impressive Circus Maximus, which held more than 150,000 spectators,” explains Fred Burcksen, the president and CEO of ZDF Enterprises.

Victor Lessard, from the ZDFE.drama catalog, features a troubled cop who becomes involved in a series of dark and disturbing murders—he winds up sacrificing his own peace of mind in the pursuit of justice.

Victor Lessard is a dramatic crime series that tackles identity issues, recovering memory loss and a need for recognition,” says Burcksen.