ZDF Enterprises to Become ZDF Studios


ZDF Enterprises will begin operating under the name ZDF Studios as of April 1.

The Mainz-based media company was founded in 1993 to distribute and purchase programs for ZDF. Together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, ZDF Enterprises is today responsible for national and international media productions—from initial concept and development to production and successful marketing—offering its services to public and private television broadcasters, independent producers, streaming platforms and other customers and partners.

Fred Burcksen, president and CEO, said: “The new name fits our business model much better and reflects our production and marketing expertise. Under the new umbrella brand ZDF Studios, we’ll be able to bring our network of affiliated companies even closer together. With consolidated sales of around €240 million ($272 million), we’re one of the largest rights distributors in Europe.”

Thomas Bellut, director-general of ZDF and chair of the supervisory board of ZDF Enterprises, said: “Since it was established, ZDF Enterprises has achieved a great deal for the ZDF group. With creativity, ingenuity and efficiency, the group has become a major player in the fiction and nonfiction arena. The new name, ZDF Studios, makes it instantly clear that this is a media industry company.”