MIPDrama Sets 2024 Lineup


MIPDrama has unveiled the lineup for its 2024 showcase, which is scheduled for April 7 in the Hi5 Studio of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

The selection spans 14 languages. Among the featured titles are Eva & Nicole, which follows the rivalry between two women in Marbella in the ’80s; Icebreaker, a supernatural thriller with horror elements; and Irreversible, tackling themes of mental health, illegal adoptions, bullying, homophobia and motherhood.

Miss Austen, also included in the lineup, is a production of Gill Hornby’s best-selling novel of the same name. An excerpt of the action series The Sentinels will also be shown.

Palo Alto follows a bloody struggle that ensues between two groups of criminals after an additional corpse appears in the lab of a medical school, while See Her Again, also a crime title, tells the story of a police officer who traces a serial murder case across 25 years in Hong Kong. The Black Forest Murders delves into the case of two young women who are brutally murdered in a peaceful German countryside.

Valhalla Project follows a climate scientist who is lured into a quest to find a path to a parallel universe. We’re On It, Comrades!, a paranormal drama, sees the Soviets and the Americans experiment with telepathy and paranormal activities.