MIPTV Spotlight: Atresmedia Televisión


Dreams of Freedom (Sueños de libertad), on offer from Atresmedia Televisión, tells the story of Jesús, the controlling, unscrupulous heir of a beauty products company.

In Dreams of Freedom, when Jesús’s brother Andrés returns to protect the company from him, Jesús begins to mistreat his wife, who slowly falls in love with Andrés.

Red Flags delves into the drama of four teens who are close friends but have never met in person. “One of the most interesting characteristics of the series is the way it speaks the same language as young adults,” says José Antonio Salso, head of acquisitions and sales.

Dressed in Blue (Vestidas de azul), a sequel to Veneno, takes place after Veneno’s death when journalist Valeria discovers a tape that recounts the experiences of six transgender women in early 1980s Spain.

“Our content is characterized by its strength, relevance and high quality,” adds Salso.