MIPTV Spotlight: Eccho Rights


Leading the Eccho Rights slate, Winds of Love follows Halil, who is waiting for the right time to take revenge on the wealthy family who stole his past and ruined his poor family.

His plan becomes more complicated when he falls in love with a woman from the rich clan.

In Behind the Veil, Hançer marries Cihan, the sole heir of a wealthy family tasked with continuing his noble bloodline, in order to save her sick brother.

I Am Mother, meanwhile, centers on Karsu, who is married to an abusive man. When she sends her 3-year-old son off to live with her mother, he disappears on the journey. She is reunited with him three years later, only to find that he does not recognize her and goes by a different name.

There’s also Safe Harbor, an international thriller in production with an all-star cast, including Alfie Allen, Charlie Murphy and Jack Gleeson.