MIPTV Spotlight: Kanal D International


Kanal D International’s Secret of Pearls follows the story of Azem, a literature teacher with a dark secret who is wrongly imprisoned for his wife’s murder.

After being released from prison, the father tries to reunite with his children but must navigate the consequences of becoming estranged from his family after time lost. He also soon finds himself in the middle of a complicated love triangle.

“The series explores universal themes such as love, loss, redemption and family, making it relatable to audiences from different cultural backgrounds,” says Elif Tatoğlu, distribution strategy director. She adds that “these universal elements transcend geographical boundaries, contributing to the show’s international success.”

The company is also promoting titles such as Three Sisters, That Girl and Farewell Letter.

“We’re looking forward to sharing our vision, ideas and future plans with clients at the market,” notes Tatoğlu.