Turkish Daily Drama Redemption Renewed


The Turkish daily drama series Redemption has been renewed for a third season by Kanal 7.

Produced by Karamel Yapım, the series debuted in November 2022, becoming a top-rated show for the broadcaster. Season one ran to 207 45-minute episodes, while season two is currently on air and in production until the summer, with a total of 273 episodes. The third season is set to premiere in September 2024, with 280 episodes commissioned.

Distributor Eccho Rights has licensed the title across a string of Eastern European territories, including Romania, Bulgaria, Israel, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro.

Redemption is a classic example of a series that succeeds because of great storytelling, and even though it has a more modest budget than some, the production is high quality, the performances from the cast are compelling and each episode is unmissable,” said Handan Özkubat, director of Turkish drama at Eccho Rights.