MIPTV Spotlight: GMA Network


The GMA Network MIPTV lineup is led by Hands on the Dream, a well-loved medical drama from the Philippines and one of GMA’s longest-running series.

It follows a young genius born from humble beginnings as she defies the odds to graduate from medical school at 19 and becomes the youngest surgical resident in a major hospital.

In the action-drama Black Rider, a young man’s family falls victim to a ruthless syndicate, leaving him as the sole survivor and sparking an unyielding quest for justice.

Beautiful Revenge is a tale of love, betrayal and redemption. “What sets these shows apart and gives them their international appeal is a combination of compelling storytelling, quality production and relatable themes,” says Rochella Ann Salvador, officer-in-charge and senior sales manager for GMA Network Worldwide Division.

Salvador adds, “The production quality of these series is of utmost importance, ensuring that every aspect meets international standards.”