MIPTV Spotlight: Onza Distribution


Onza Distribution’s Heartless, a brand-new thriller, sees a series of mysterious disappearances startle Madrid’s high society.

The title sees an unknown criminal on the loose, slaughtering rich men in a twisted game.

Cacao, a drama, follows a young girl from a Portuguese family who makes chocolates on a cocoa farm. The girl’s real father is revealed to be the owner of the farm, opening up doors for dreams she thought she could not afford to achieve. “This telenovela will captivate audiences worldwide,” says Béatrice Nouh, head of sales.

The period drama Golden Swan opens in Prague during World War II. Following a series of accidents and mistakes, a cunning thief becomes a saleswoman in the fashion section of a luxury department store, and a new life opens up for her. “As the third season gears up for its premiere on Nova TV, we are proud to introduce Golden Swan to the international market for the first time,” adds Nouh.