MIPCOM Spotlight: GMA Worldwide


GMA Worldwide is offering to the international market Love You Two, a romantic comedy about two sisters who fall in love with the same man.

Also in the catalog, For Love or Money follows the struggle of the wife of an overseas Filipino worker who is forced to have an affair with another man to save her husband from a death sentence in the Middle East. The Better Woman tells the story of twin sisters separated at birth who are reunited as adults only to be torn apart by the love of one man.

“GMA remains committed to providing premium Filipino content to its customers, as we expand our catalog to include factual entertainment, non-scripted formats and films,” says Roxanne J. Barcelona, VP. “We also welcome the exchange of ideas through co-production opportunities.”

She adds, “We continue to tell unique stories with universal themes.”

The company is also set to deliver Filipino dramas such as Beautiful Justice and The Gift to viewers across Asia. Beautiful Justice is an action/crime series featuring three women who team up to form a vigilante group to uncover the truth behind the deaths of their loved ones in a suspicious buy-and-bust operation. The Gift tells the story of a man who lost his sense of sight after being hit by a stray bullet but begins to have visions about past and future events.

Another highlight is My Crown Princess, a romantic comedy about a man-hater who wants to succeed in a male-dominated field as a ship captain. “These titles will appeal to viewers in Asia who are looking for themes that revolve around modern-day issues that affect society,” says Barcelona. “GMA remains committed to providing premium Filipino content to its customers.”