MIPTV Spotlight: GMA Worldwide


GMA Worldwide is bringing a host of programs from the Philippines to this year’s MIPTV, including the satirical romantic comedy To the One I Love.

To the One I Love is about the local elections in the Philippines. Written in the Stars charts the story of two up-and-coming singers who are not only rivals in the spotlight but also in family and love. Sahaya is centered on a young lady from a tribe south of the Philippines called the Badjaws and her struggles in adjusting to city life. “These titles portray the colorful and vibrant Filipino culture,” says Roxanne J. Barcelona, VP of GMA Worldwide.

Barcelona highlights that these shows feature stories of persistence, compassion and love for one’s family, “which are universal themes.” She adds that GMA is making investments to improve content creation “from equipment to software to talent training and the overall production quality. Audiences can look forward to content with more exciting stories and of a higher quality in the very near future.”