DISCOP Johannesburg Spotlight: GMA Worldwide


GMA Worldwide returns to DISCOP Johannesburg with the hopes of penetrating additional countries in Africa.

“We have licensed more than 2,000 hours of content in this region,” says VP Roxanne J. Barcelona. “We have regular clients from Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya, and emerging opportunities in Zambia, Ghana, Tanzania and Botswana.”

The company is offering up The Way to Your Heart, a drama focused on a mother’s love for her two daughters; Legally Blind, about an attorney who has lost her vision; and Impostora, a remake of GMA’s hit drama from 2007.

“Our top-selling drama programs, while retaining common elements like family, romance and relationships, feature risqué themes like polygamy, abuse, mental illness, AIDS, etc.,” says Barcelona. “We think this is what is interesting to the African market.”

She adds: “Aside from our top-rating English-dubbed dramas, we are preselling fresh new dramas for the African market.”