MIPCOM Spotlight: NHK Enterprises


Starring Oscar-nominated actor Ken Watanabe and based on the novel of the same name by Nobel Prize winner Kazuo Ishiguro, the NHK Enterprises highlight An Artist of the Floating World explores an aging painter’s ephemeral memories and the journey he must go on to face his past.

It will be screened at MIPCOM in 8K as part of NHK Enterprises’ showcase. “NHK will launch an 8K catalog, and we look forward to introducing more of our 4K and 8K titles,” says Fumina Koike, deputy manager.

Amazing Dinoworld, meanwhile, brings the world of dinosaurs to life. “This two-part series re-creates in gorgeous CGI not only what these creatures looked like, but also how they lived, fought and died,” says Koike.

Lastly, Dynamic Genomes features cutting-edge research that takes viewers on a journey inside the human body to discover the genes that make us who we are.