TV Latina Festival FAST: Canela Media’s Gachi Ciurluini


In conversation with Elizabeth Bowen-Tombari, editor of TV Latina, Gachi Ciurluini, VP of content strategy at Canela Media, spoke at the Festival FAST about the importance of the group’s FAST channels within the diversity of their businesses.

“The FAST experience is the closest thing the audience has to traditional television,” she explains in a conversation that you can watch in its entirety here. “Obviously, VOD remains a leader, but it’s a perfect complement to give viewers another opportunity to see the different content variations available. Nowadays, even as viewers, we feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of content on offer. FAST is a way to go with the flow and see what’s already scheduled to enjoy. The growth has been significant. At Canela, for example, we started with one linear channel, and today we have more than 70.”

Ciurluini also highlighted the work they do with their advertisers to offer them the best advertising alternatives within their FAST channels, their strategies to ensure viewers have control over their own TV experience and the distinctive elements of their offering, among other topics.

You can view the complete interview here.

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