TV Latina Festival FAST: OTTera’s Adriana Frías


The VP of business development for Mexico at OTTera, Adriana Frías, spoke at TV Latina’s Festival FAST about the services on offer and the types of partnerships the company has established, among other topics.

In an interview with Elizabeth Bowen-Tombari, editor of TV Latina, which you can watch in its entirety here, Frías commented: “OTTera is a company in the new media television space. We offer services ranging from creating apps to FAST channels, along with other streaming-related services. We bring publishers into this new medium, where they can have their app or FAST channel in just 30 days. We create an app or FAST channel, distribute it and monetize it.”

Frías also spoke on the process of developing a FAST channel, the importance of data analytics, the significance of Latin America for OTTera and the strategies for continued expansion and consolidation.

You can view the complete interview here.

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