Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network Moves to Streaming


Cinedigm is partnering with El Rey Network, founded by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and FactoryMade Ventures, to reimagine the former cable network as a streaming brand.

Curated by Rodriguez and his artistic collective, El Rey Network is a Latinx-inclusive, English-language channel. Featured content includes The Director’s Chair, which showcases Rodriguez’s conversations with creatives like John Carpenter and Quentin Tarantino; Rebel Without a Crew: The Series, in which filmmakers set out to make their first feature under Rodriguez’s guidance; a library of unscripted franchises such as The Chuey Martinez Show; and feature films ranging from grindhouse to cult classic action to horror/sci-fi.

The OTT streaming service will be made available to all distribution platforms across the broader streaming landscape on connected TVs, digital set-top boxes, media-streaming devices and the web.

As part of the deal, Cinedigm will work with El Rey to partner with like-minded advertising brands on custom content and will distribute Rodriguez’s feature film Red 11 and the companion docuseries Rebel Without a Crew: The Robert Rodriguez Film School exclusively to all platforms.

Rodriguez said: “El Rey has always been a network for the people – a mainstream outlet where we discover diverse, independent voices. The fact that we can also now make our catalog of kick-ass programming available for free to all gives me enormous joy.”

He added: “As audiences move deliberately to streaming, it was important for me to democratize our platform so that the masses have the opportunity to see themselves in our lineup of curated, inclusive and entertaining content. This is a huge win in every way, and I want to thank Cinedigm for putting fans first with this new alliance.”

“What was once only available to those with expensive cable packages is now available through a variety of mediums,” said Erick Opeka, president and chief strategy officer at Cinedigm. “The partnership with El Rey allows the channel to broaden its digital footprint, as well as expand the access of its incredible programming to audiences worldwide. We’re excited to be stepping in at this important moment alongside the passion, dedication and forward-thinking vision that Robert Rodriguez brings to the table. In addition, Cinedigm’s strong advertising partner relationships with blue-chip demand partners like Magnite (SpotX/Springserve), Comcast’s Freewheel, Verizon Media, Xander, just to name a few, will allow the channel to generate substantial advertising revenue among a key demographic in the growing AVOD and FAST space.”

“We look forward to working with Chris McGurk and his incredible team at Cinedigm to further engage audiences and align with smart marketing partners to create memorable, custom content that breaks through the clutter,” said John Fogelman, CEO of FactoryMade Ventures and a founder of El Rey Network.